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Big fish, and lots of them. Those six words sum up the fishing in and around Casper, Wyoming. In fact, American Angler Magazine named the section of the North Platte River that runs through Casper the "#1 Big Fish Destination in the World" in 2005. North Platte River Fly FishingLocal fly fishing guides report that the river has become even better in the years since American Angler gave Casper that illustrious title because of unparalleled trout habitat management by the State, the County, the Bureau of Reclamation and the local fishing guide industry. Casper is firmly on the radar screens (and wish lists) of fly fishermen from throughout the world.

But, world-class fly fishing on the North Platte is not the only fishing game in town. Casper also has two large reservoirs just outside of town that provide year-round fishing opportunities. Alcova and Pathfinder Reservoirs offer record-size walleye, trout, and an occasional gigantic carp - a hard-fighting fish that is fast becoming one of the more popular forms of sport fishing in the world.

Whether your passion is angling with a traditional spin casting rod and reel; the timeless beauty and precision of fly fishing; or the inventiveness and dedication of winter ice fishing, you will want to visit our back yard to experience a sense of accomplishment that can only be attained when you Fish Casper.

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